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February 2019: Participation in Seminal Silverpoint Book & Exhibition in New York

“Silverpoint” is an exhibition of only six contemporary metalpoint artists running from February 11th through the 22nd at Didier Aaron Gallery in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. I’m honored to participate, especially as the exhibition revolves around a book signing for Silverpoint & Metalpoint Drawing: A Complete Guide to the Medium. I’m yet more honored for my work to be included in Silverpoint & Metalpoint Drawing, written by Susan Schwalb and Tom Mazzullo, two prolific artists and generous human beings. If you’re in Manhattan on February 13th, join the book signing at Didier Aaron and take the chance to ogle some lovely, diverse metalpoint works, rarely on view and best seen in person!


October 1, 2018: Art Grind Podcast

The Art Grind podcast, hosted by Dina Brodsky, Tun Myaing, and Marshall Jones, recently featured me as the guest for their nineteenth episode. For our episode, Art Grind merged with another podcast project entitled Creative Survival. Both podcasts conduct lively, long-form interviews with artists, the former focusing more on their overarching philosophies and the latter more on their backgrounds and emerging careers. Recorded in 2017, I spoke of the long-term goals that ended up inspiring and forming H&R Studio! Many thanks to the dynamic team behind Art Grind for including me and check out more of their great content here!

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Summer 2018: We're Moving! 

After nearly ten years living and working in New York, my husband, the sculptor Brett F. Harvey, and I are moving to Naples, Florida to open our own art studio. All has been fairly quiet on our Big Apple front as we prepare to launch our own small business and relocate cross-country. Artists on Art graciously published an article I wrote delving into the inspiration and impetus behind the founding of H&R Studio. Included in Artists on Art's July/August 2018 issue, our philosophy is best summed up by this quote in the article by William Morris:

I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few.

Subscribe to Artists on Art, read "Painting Is Not Dead," and see why we'll be neither university art department nor atelier. We hope to spearhead private, market-driven educational models for the twenty-first century--and in doing so, poignantly, look back to the Italian Renaissance workshops (or bottega) we so respect, where artists opened their doors to those who wished to learn from them.


8/25/18: Participation in Sugarlift Gallery's DRAW

As a fitting last hurrah in New York, join myself and a crew of talented artist friends as we use what may be the Big Apple's biggest entity as a drawing space: the subway! DRAW is a "a metro sketching meetup culminating in a one-night only gallery show of drawings created that day for sale, for the price of a 30-day Metrocard." Join us sketching for free on the Q line from 2:30-4:30 PM on Saturday, August 25th, and then grab tickets to the gallery event in the Lower East Side immediately after. All benefits go towards Young New Yorkers' wonderful "Art Not Jail" program. I'm thrilled and grateful to participate in such a poignant creative sendoff!

4/18/18: Now Writing for the PaintGuide Community

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now going to be writing for the PaintGuide community. Begun on Instagram, @PaintGuide now has over 340,000 followers, and I'll be contributing to its new @PaintGuid_er offshoot. 

3/2/18: Drawing Workshop at the Studios of Key West

There are no complaints in my life lately: on Friday, March 2nd, I'll be teaching a Figure Drawing & Portraiture workshop at the Studios of Key West in the tropical paradise of Key West, Florida. Sign up here and bask under the palms with me after the workshop, or in spirit!


11/13/17: Review of "Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman & Designer" for The Blue Review

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arose because of a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. I don't ever recall being so excited to write as I was for The Blue Review as this show opened. Having the good fortune to have seen many of the works in the show, and nearly all of Michelangelo's work on view in Florence and Rome, I was torn between trying to stay cool and rational and the sheer giddiness of knowing what lay in store. I was not disappointed. I don't know how anything I write about after this can compete in terms of significance and rarity, and as always, I have to thank Trek Lexington for allowing me to run with it. Click the link here to read my words, and I hope that you enjoy.

Of Silver & Sword Flyer.jpg

9/13/17: Announcing

"Of Silver & Sword"


In the works for nearly a year, I'm beyond excited (an understatement) to announce, via this page and my social media accounts, my upcoming solo exhibition at Menduiña Schneider Gallery in San Pedro, greater Los Angeles, California! 

I first exhibited with Menduiña Schneider Gallery last summer in their first International Drawing Salon. The piece for that show will be joined by nine others to comprise "Of Silver & Sword." My last solo show was in Chicago back in 2008, so I've been looking forward to another for quite a while now.

I'll be in California for the opening, so please, if you're in SoCal, join! The show will be up for the entire month of October. A selection of the gallery's collection of Cuban Masters will be on view as well. The opening reception is Thursday, October 5th, from 6:00-10:00 PM, and is a part of the monthly ArtWalk in downtown San Pedro. 

Many thanks to gallery owners Alejandra Menduiña Schneider and Jorge Schneider for offering me this opportunity! Jorge Schneider is a widely published author in South America, and provided a curatorial text for the exhibition that both moved me and opened my eyes anew to my own work:

"There are times when an artist goes inward, deep within the inner reaches of her soul, and there that artist dissolves in the abyss that, according to Nietzsche, frees the human spirit. 

"This is one of those rare cases, in which Lauren Redding melds together with what helped her become who she is today.  

"The show’s name she so carefully chose is no accident either: 'Of Silver and Sword' depicts her work to its very foundation: Silver is the dream of so many explorers and adventure tales throughout the centuries and the sword is the weapon of endless mythological heroes and heroines. She seems to bestow such honor to all members of her family, whom in her view became the archetypes described by Carl Jung. She understands the Hero’s Journey and the purity of it as much as the terrors hidden in it. To live is to plunge into life itself, and to undertake the road to your life, you must be open to stare into the abyss with your sword and your armor.

"Her family, as we can see in her work, has gone through that existential journey, and because of that they became her inspiration and bravery. 

"Lauren is not an academic artist, even though her technique is flawless, she is deeper than that, she uses her ability as a tool and not an end, and by doing so she becomes a superior artist.

"One that must be carefully studied so that we, the onlookers, can understand what life’s journey really is."

Again, I am so grateful for this opportunity, and encourage all to further explore Menduiña Schneider Gallery and their mission.