"A Letter to Our Apartment" Published by Noteworthy


This blog has been uneventful to the point of being inert, but for good reason: since January/February of 2018, my husband, the sculptor Brett F. Harvey, and I have been planning to move away from New York City to Naples, Florida. I was born in Naples, and decided to come full-circle by closing this chapter in New York, which we've enjoyed--for better or for worse--for nine years. While we're excited for the new endeavor, which involves opening our own studio (and hence the busyness of opening a small business), it also has been overwhelmingly emotional to leave behind what was our home.

Out of that bittersweet closing came a piece of writing that I uploaded to my Medium page. I didn't realize how deeply it would resonate! Titled "A Letter to Our Apartment," it is exactly that: a bit of a eulogy, a bit of a love letter, a definite lament, all wrapped into an essay that bids farewell to a small, humble home we loved unconditionally. Noteworthy picked it up and published it to their page, and I'm happy to share it with others--even if it's my sadness at the closing of a pivotal time in our lives and bemoaning the changes occurring in what was once a grittier, realer city. 

So give it a read, remember that I wrote it crying hard, and many thanks again to Noteworthy for sharing it more broadly!