Writing for the Tiny House Community

CLHiQ - Window in natural light.jpg

In October, I started a side project that was a total indulgence: an Instagram account for our tiny home, in which we--my husband, sculptor Brett F. Harvey, and myself--both live and work. Rather than pay two rents in New York for a separate apartment and studio, we researched compact living and the Tiny House phenomenon and customized a one-bedroom into everything we needed it to be. 

I was one of those kids who, aside from reading everything and drawing constantly, loved to organize my own room from an early age and watch HGTV while other kids played video games. Nutty, I know. But when we moved into our current apartment, I tried to maximize the opportunity to put that neurosis to the test.

To be frank, I've been surprised at the attention the account, @CozyLittleHomeInQueens, has received. Wonderfully, it's led to an interview and writing two articles about compact living. What I initially thought was an interior design indulgence now encouraged another love: writing. That writing, in turn, has introduced us to the Tiny House community, another great group of like-minded people.

I invite you to check out the website for our cozy little home in Queens. The "Press" page is where you can find our recent interview with Kate Leeds-Brody of Good Luck Fox, and issues of Tiny House Magazine, for which I wrote articles in November and December.

Like our artwork, our apartment is a constantly evolving work-in-progress, and living small has allowed us to focus more on our studio practice. One allows and feeds the other, making for a very circular reciprocity. It goes to show how even the smallest details in our daily life intertwine to effect and encourage our art.