Sketching at the Bargello in Florence.   Image Copyright H&R Studio 2014

Sketching at the Bargello in Florence. Image Copyright H&R Studio 2014

artist statement


Within my art practice, I draw upon two primary influences: my mother’s Cuban family and their cultural and personal legacies, and the meticulous draftsmanship that constitutes my technical fulcrum. I primarily work in the anachronistic medium of silverpoint, drawing with a piece of silver or gold in a stylus to create delicate works that require focus, have no room for error, and possess a tangible yet fleeting quality evocative of memory and narrative.

Line and shadow are woven so that, from their neat labyrinth, the sentiment and psyche of my subject emerges more truthfully. I want to ensure that the faces of my Cuban family are recorded so that their history can be remembered: though despondent, they emerged victorious, and I wish to pay homage to their journey and inherent beauty.



Born in Naples, Florida in 1987, I currently work and reside in Queens, New York with my husband, the sculptor Brett F. Harvey. I began my education at Northwestern University, initially studying history and political theory, and became an art major after enrolling in a painting class as an elective. During my time at Northwestern, the art department shifted from a skill-based to a highly conceptual curriculum, and I began attending life model sessions at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in downtown Chicago to further develop my draftsmanship.

After graduating from Northwestern, I enrolled at the New York Academy of Art to obtain my Masters of Fine Arts degree. A longtime family friend and mentor, Sam Knecht, had recommended the program and its focus on the human figure. At the Academy, I studied under notable artists such as Steven Assael, Lisa Bartolozzi, Noah Buchanan, Harvey Citron, Edward Schmidt, and Dan Thompson. I was introduced to the medium of silverpoint towards the end of my second year at the Academy, and have been primarily utilizing it since. 

An informal, albeit integral, component of my art education was the couple years I spent working as a security officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Countless hours spent amongst one of the world's most encyclopedic and beloved art collections trickled into my own studio practice, manifesting itself in subtle influences and inspirations.

Since then, I have been drawing, exhibiting, instructing, writing, and curating across the United States. I also manage the Instagram account @CozyLittleHomeInQueens, detailing my husband and I's compact and creative small-space lifestyle.