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I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now going to be writing for the PaintGuide community. Begun on Instagram, @PaintGuide now has over 340,000 followers, and I'll be contributing to its new @PaintGuid_er offshoot. 

3/2/18: drawing workshop at the studios of key west


There are no complaints in my life lately: on Friday, March 2nd, I'll be teaching a Figure Drawing & Portraiture workshop at the Studios of Key West in the tropical paradise of Key West, Florida. Sign up here and bask under the palms with me after the workshop, or in spirit!


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2/15/18: My First Article For Art Aesthetics


I'm thrilled to write for Art Aesthetics Magazine, a dynamic online art criticism site and vibrant Instagram account founded by Pavan Chaggar in London. As a part of their "Interesting Artworks" editorials, I wrote about The Hunt, a pastel drawing by English draftswoman Laura Footes. It's hypnotic, resplendent ... and gory. Click here to read the full article, and be sure to check out more of Art Aesthetics' content!


11/13/17: my review of "michelangelo: divine draftsman & designer" for the blue review


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arose because of a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. I don't ever recall being so excited to write as I was for the Blue Review as this show opened. Having the good fortune to have seen many of the works in the show, and nearly all of Michelangelo's work on view in Florence and Rome, I was torn between trying to stay cool and rational and the sheer giddiness of knowing what lay in store. I was not disappointed. I don't know how anything I write about after this can compete in terms of significance and rarity, and as always, I have to thank Dina Brodsky and Trek Lexington for allowing me to run with it. Click the link here to read my words, and I hope that you enjoy.

11/01/17: release of videos created by myaing projects


Lately, my little apartment has been filled with lightboxes and I've been wired with audio equipment. This is due to the creative energy of Tun Myaing, a New York-based artist who began Myaing Projects, his media production arm. These videos explore my preferred medium of silverpoint, but more importantly, its process. "Secrets of Creating an Everlasting Ground" demonstrates how simple it is to prepare the traditional gesso necessary for silverpoint's surface, and "Save Your Art with Archival Art Materials" discusses the importance of and art historical inspiration behind my use of archival materials. Please enjoy and be sure to explore more of Myaing Projects' beautiful, professional art videos, as more will be added in the future!

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9/13/17: announcing

"of silver & sword"


In the works for nearly a year, I'm beyond excited (an understatement) to announce, via this page and my social media accounts, my upcoming solo exhibition at Menduiña Schneider Gallery in San Pedro, greater Los Angeles, California! 

I first exhibited with Menduiña Schneider Gallery last summer in their first International Drawing Salon. The piece for that show will be joined by nine others to comprise "Of Silver & Sword." My last solo show was in Chicago back in 2008, so I've been looking forward to another for quite a while now.

I'll be in California for the opening, so please, if you're in SoCal, join! The show will be up for the entire month of October. A selection of the gallery's collection of Cuban Masters will be on view as well. The opening reception is Thursday, October 5th, from 6:00-10:00 PM, and is a part of the monthly ArtWalk in downtown San Pedro. 

Many thanks to gallery owners Alejandra Menduiña Schneider and Jorge Schneider for offering me this opportunity! Jorge Schneider is a widely published author in South America, and provided a curatorial text for the exhibition that both moved me and opened my eyes anew to my own work:

"There are times when an artist goes inward, deep within the inner reaches of her soul, and there that artist dissolves in the abyss that, according to Nietzsche, frees the human spirit. 

"This is one of those rare cases, in which Lauren Redding melds together with what helped her become who she is today.  

"The show’s name she so carefully chose is no accident either: 'Of Silver and Sword' depicts her work to its very foundation: Silver is the dream of so many explorers and adventure tales throughout the centuries and the sword is the weapon of endless mythological heroes and heroines. She seems to bestow such honor to all members of her family, whom in her view became the archetypes described by Carl Jung. She understands the Hero’s Journey and the purity of it as much as the terrors hidden in it. To live is to plunge into life itself, and to undertake the road to your life, you must be open to stare into the abyss with your sword and your armor.

"Her family, as we can see in her work, has gone through that existential journey, and because of that they became her inspiration and bravery. 

"Lauren is not an academic artist, even though her technique is flawless, she is deeper than that, she uses her ability as a tool and not an end, and by doing so she becomes a superior artist.

"One that must be carefully studied so that we, the onlookers, can understand what life’s journey really is."

Again, I am so grateful for this opportunity, and encourage all to further explore Menduiña Schneider Gallery and their mission.

SUMMER 2017: CONTRIBUTING TO the blue review


The Blue Review is a new art criticism online publication founded by Dina Brodsky and Trek Lexington. I'm thrilled to have been asked to review "Transmogrification," a group exhibition curated by Tun Myaing and Panos Papamichael, for the Blue Review. I'm even more thrilled to be a recurring contributor to the Blue Review, with this being my first review, and more on the way. Please click here to read my thoughts on the fascinating, muscular show in Long Island City, and be sure to check out more of the Blue Review's content featuring some of the most original, vigorous representational artists working today. Many thanks to Dina, Trek, Tun, Panos, and all participating artists for giving me such great content to cover!





In conjunction with the Rockport Center for the Arts, I am thrilled to announce my second curated group exhibition, "No Net Ensnares Me." Inspired by a line in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, "No Net Ensnares Me" is comprised of twelve women artists whose work asserts their independence. Fastidious technical knowledge, exploration of materials, and emphasis on craft and skill demonstrate that these artists, and their artworks, speak in a voice as clear as Eyre's. 

I'm thrilled to return to Rockport, where I was introduced to the RCftA by teaching a silverpoint workshop there last fall. It's a vibrant Gulf Coast community, a former artist colony full of palm trees and Texan charm. I'm especially proud that many of the artists in this exhibition, like in "Argentum," are fellow New York Academy of Art alumni and classmates. 

Running from May 20th through June 10th, please join us at the opening reception on Saturday, May 20th. A gallery talk will be given by myself and participating artists (and beloved buddies) Diana Corvelle and Elena Rodriguez. Please see the Rockport Center for the Arts' website for more information.


"argentum: contemporary silverpoint"


In conjunction with Marbury NYC, I am thrilled to announce my first curated national group exhibition, "Argentum: Contemporary Silverpoint." I've been fortunate to know many inspiring artists through the silverpoint and representational art communities, and "Argentum" displays contemporary American voices utilizing this deep-rooted medium in the twenty-first century. 

In an age of ever-increasing automation, many artists are exploring this complex and challenging medium which was often employed by masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt. This exhibition presents a survey of silverpoint drawings made by a diverse array of over twenty representational artists. Some artists use the medium exclusively, some occasionally, and some experimentally. All are united by a strong commitment to skill and draughtsmanship, yet some employ silverpoint unconventionally: amongst figurative drawings, there are cut-paper pieces, antique lockets, cloudscapes, and the chronicling of Latino and Middle Eastern cultural experiences.

I'm very proud of the momentum driving "Argentum." Both Fine Art Connoisseur and American Art Collector, available at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide, will be running articles on the show in their May issues. A full catalogue with a foreword by Susan Schwalb, the foremost figure in silverpoint drawing today and a major force in contemporary drawing, will be available in print-on-demand and eBook formats.

Also, I will be instructing a two-day silverpoint workshop the weekend of May 6th and 7th in conjunction with the exhibition at Marbury NYC. And Marbury NYC itself is exciting: a life drawing studio, exhibition and workshop space whose aim is to bridge the gap between historical techniques and the contemporary artist, it is run by Sharon Goldberg and Carol Lees, and is located right on Gramercy Park in Manhattan.

The attention "Argentum" is attracting before it even opens is due to the dynamic and wondrously talented artist roster, many of whom, like myself, are alumni of the New York Academy of Art. If you're in New York, please join us at the opening on April 29th!